Making Young Entrepreneurs out of Students!

Last week Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden held an Entrepreneurship in Action (EiA) contest. The contest was opened with the official speech by Elodie Patel, Module Coordinator for the Entrepreneurship in Action (EiA) minor.

Entrepreneurship in Action

For the past six weeks, the students have been learning a lot inside and outside the classroom such as workshops, attending lectures and fieldtrips in several companies across Bali, Indonesia.

The contest gives the students an opportunity to create an innovative Business Plan, and propose their ideas in front of a panel. This contest initially lets students to come up with their creative ideas which are unique, with social purpose, environmentally sustainable, feasibility and is even profitable.

Entrepreneurship in Action (EiA) contest - entrepreneurs

Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden invited two guest speakers, Lennart Heitzhausen, Marketing & Business Development of East Bali Cashews, based in Karangasem Bali and Angling Tilarsih, Co-Founder of Barn N Bunk which is based in Gianyar Bali, Indonesia. They shared their experiences and gave our students motivations to be a young professional entrepreneur and sharing tips on how to start a business.

Kicking off day 1 with inspirational guest lectures and coaching session, it helped the students to develop some ideas, re-think and accomplish their goals in making their business plan. This contest was divided into four teams in total and each team had 5 or 6 students. The Jury members consisted of Elodie Patel, Module Coordinator & Lecturer of Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden, Angling Tilarsih, Co-Founder of Barn N Bunk, Lennart Heitzhausen, Marketing & Business Development of East Bali Cashew, and Marga Bootsma, Module Coordinator & Lecturer of Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden.

Day 2, was nerve-wracking for the students as they had to deliver and present their ideas which they had been working on for the past 20 hours in front of the Jury member. For the presentation, the students had only 20 minutes to convince the jury member if their creative idea would have a great outcome to the environment especially to the community, feasibility and was also even profitable. This Entrepreneurship in action contest was meant to create young professional entrepreneur for the future.

To win this contest, their business plans had to be assessed based on four criteria. They had to be quality & feasibility, presentation & trust, creativity & quality purpose, minimum viable product (MVP). After each team presented their business plans to the Jury members, the Jury members had some discussion on how they decided and assessed their business in a separate room and after some careful consideration and arguments, a winner was selected. The team “Bali Brush” was unanimously declared as the winner of this Entrepreneurship in Action (EiA) contest.

“Bali Brush” is an ecofriendly and sustainable concept where the toothbrushes which are made of Bamboo. Bali Brush’s mission was to become the most responsible environmental friendly and sustainable. On top of that, they wanted to help the local community by cutting down the unemployment rate in the locality. They would provide brush for the family who could not afford general oral hygiene as well as providing them with information on the same.

Entrepremurship in Action (EiA) at Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden in Bali

The team consisted of Erwin Wijnsma (International Hospitality Management), Yvette Klomp (International Hospitality Management), Laura de Roos (International Hospitality Management), Sieneke de Jong (Human Resource Management, NHL Hogeschool), Tim Wassenaar (Hotel School), and Jessie de Jager (Hotel School) from  NHL Stenden Leeuwarden currently doing their Entrepremurship in Action (EiA) at Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden in Bali.

An interview with the winning team “Bali Brush”

Congratulations to the winning team “Bali Brush” towards your 1st step to becoming young professionals.

What inspired your team? how did you come up with such a great idea in only 20 hours? How did you divide working in a team?

Bali Brush team: We all are from different programs, backgrounds, and had very different ideas. it was challenging, intense work, together as a team and given the short period of time, it was really a lot of hard work from all of us. We divided topics based on everyone’s field of interest which then became easier to decide on “Bali Brush” as our business plan topic of presentation, for this contest.

Jessie de Jager further added: we wanted to do something with kids. It was our main goal to help the kids in Bali and we came up with “the toothbrush” out of the frustration. Furthermore, we decided to make this idea as our business plan. We believed that Bali Brush would have given a lot of impact to the local community in Bali which is sustainable and Eco-friendly as well as cutting down on unemployment. We targeted and sold this to sustainable hostels, restaurants, and stores. We would like also to educate the next generation to be more aware of the environment and our slogan is “Share the smile” for a better future.

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