Why you should study in Bali

“Why you should study in Bali?”, that is indeed a valid question. Most of us dream of pursuing a higher education certificate, often times this dream involved a large campus with numerous colonial buildings, auditoriums and sports fields, thousands of students, house parties, red plastic cups much like a scene retracted from a typical college movie. Well, studying in Bali doesn’t quite fit this picture but is actually so much more. Imagine going to the beach soon after lectures to catch a gorgeous sunset just like the picture below, sitting on a bean bag, having a drink with your friends or sipping on a young coconut as the wind blows through your hair. Sounds like paradise doesn’t it, well this is the reality for students who study in Bali.

Sunset - why study in Bali

This could be your undergrad experience for an affordable tuition fee of just €3450 per semester. Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden in an affordable institution offering dual degree Bachelor Programmes in International Hospitality Management and Business Administration. The campus site is located 20 minutes from the nearest beach. Bali is a multicultural island inhabiting many different people who represent a variety of cultural backgrounds. Although it would be exciting to study the Balinese language, English is a common tongue that is spoken amongst those that live here. In the Archipelago of Indonesia known as home to thousands of islands, Bali is one known to many and most frequently visited by tourists and by the Indonesians themselves. As Indonesia’s number 1 tourist destination, the island of the gods is known for its pristine natural beauty, richness in culture, architecture, tropical climate, arts, and crafts. We at Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden feel it really is a great place to study Hospitality as the place and its people are a true representation of what it means to be hospitable.

In recent years, Bali has also become no stranger to foreign investment and has become a hub and home to many entrepreneurs with several profitable businesses having this as their base. Some may think Bali is a huge money magnet but you will also find a significant amount of social entrepreneurs on the island too whose aim is not to become multimillionaires but to help the locals benefit from their resources as well as to preserve the nature of the island. For our students in both the Business and Hospitality majors, this gives them a unique opportunity to extend their social and professional network with people from all corners of the world. Studying in Bali also gives the students access to the Asia Pacific as the island is so conveniently located and allows the students to travel to the neighboring countries easily. With people from many of these countries also having Bali as their most visited destination, Bali can be considered as a gateway to Asia Pacific for tourism and other business opportunities.

ubud temple - study in Bali

Outside of the mandatory contact hours that our students have to spend at the campus site, our students are never out of exciting adventures to embark on. There are many activities that one can enjoy during their time on the island, from water-related activities such as snorkeling or surfing to volcano trekking and visiting a number of Hindu temples and sanctuaries. Bali caters for all your needs whether that is adventure or peace and quietness through activities such as yoga or better yet a rejuvenating spa treatment. Studying in Bali is truly a dream come true for most. These are just a few reasons why you should study in Bali. I mean where else can you get an Internationally recognized Bachelor degree and celebrate this accomplishment in a beachfront hotel with a marvelous sunset to mark the occasion. Don’t waste more time and sign up now for a unique higher education experience and get your very own Bachelor degree in Bali.

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