Visiting Mt Agung Evacuees

Visit to Tangkup Anyar Village in Karengasem, Bali

Kids with Volunteer of Mount Agung Eruption's

As have been reported on the news and social media platforms, the uncertainty of Mount Agung ’s eruption has kept a number of Bali residents on their toes and has resulted in temporary displacement of local residents particularly those reside in close proximity to the mountain. According to the National Board for Disaster Mount Agung Management (, currently there are 139.368 evacuees taking shelter in 395 safe points across the island.

Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden students from both faculties together with Universitas Triatma Mulya and Grand Tour Students from Stenden University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands took the initiative to visit one of several safe points. The students chose Tangkup Anyar Village in the Karangasem Regency which lacked volunteers on a daily basis.

The intention of the visit was to see the evacuees’ condition, getting to know them and the situation better and lastly, to share a little bit of happiness to their day. From the students experiences this truly lit up the children’s faces especially, having a chance to forget their troublesome reality and play as though it was a normal day in the village.

Students of Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden as Volunteer of Mount Agung

From each personal students’ expenditures and fundraising that was held at the campus let by the Student Representative Council, the students were able to purchase drawing books, coloring pens, snacks and simple staple food for the evacuees. The students spent the day speaking to the elders and playing with the kids. Language was no barrier when taking into consideration sincerity and care our students had for others. A wise man once said, ‘a little goes a long way’  and visiting the Tangkup  Anyar Village was a true testimony of this to see how such a small gesture can light up the space and bring happiness to our neighbours.

The local officials have reduced the volcano’s alert from level four to level 3 meaning some of the evacuees could return to their homes as it was deemed safe. Those residents living in a 7.5 km radius from the crater still remain at the evacuation camps praying for a better tomorrow. As we keep these residents and Bali as a whole in our prayers we also sincerely hope that this perplexing situation of Mount Agung ‘s volcanic activity comes to an end. We would be grateful to see the evacuees safely come home and resume their daily activity as per usual.

Written by: Ida Ayu Widja Patni (First Year,  Business Administration Student)

Students studying at Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden also have some social responsibility that they pertain to during the course of the programme. This visit was amongst that and it is really inspiring to see that the students are willing to invest their free time and put their own needs aside for the greater good of others. The Study Career Development programme has 2 elective credits that are external and contribute to the activities that the students take part in outside of school. An elective credit is equivalent to 28 hours.

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