Visiting the Landslides’ Victim in Kintamani, Bali

Mila Iswari our 2nd year International Hospitality Management student went to Yeh Mampeh Village, Kintamani, Bali. This village has been a victim to the landslides that occurred last month, whereby 12 people were reported and 5 injured. With dozens of families losing their houses and now having to live in tents. They still seem traumatized by the incidents, especially the children. She held some fun activities with these children in order to help them forget what they have been through for a moment. Aside from this calamity, the children’s regular school activities were affected and have since been put on hold. Thus leaving the children unable to attend school for an indefinite period.

The villagers are currently living in the evacuation area, where there are around 15 tents and one public kitchen. Daily necessities such as food and water have been provided to them by the government and others from nearby communities visited them. Due to the loss of their plantation fields alongside with the discontinuation of other regular activities, it has left the villagers with not many activities to perform. Henceforth, some volunteers took initiative and invited some companies to give seminars on various aspects with the intention to help the villagers move on with their lives and find other job opportunities and provide for their families.

landslides victims, kintamani, bali

During Mila’s visit, she had a drawing class with the hope to could make the kids happy. Around 35 kids joined this activity. Aside from this, she also asked the children to play games and sing traditional songs. She believed that the children need more fun activities in which it can make them forget about what they have been through last month. During the drawing session, the kids looked so eager to learn something new and ask a lot of questions.

Overall, the activities were a success in making those kids cheerful and having several moments of laughter. However, there was an unforgettable moment for Mila, when a 6 year old kid asked Mila, “ ‘Ka Mila, what are you going to do if you are in my position now?’ and to be honest, it made me think what kind of answer I should give to her.” Mila answered, “ Well, I will be more motivated to achieve my goals even I have experienced a hard moment in my life. I will make sure that this accident won’t obstruct my way to be a successful person”.  Hearing that answer, the child hugged Mila and said thank you. ” I do not have the words to describe the joy I felt in that moment, although it was a simple moment, but in the end, it gave me a great feeling in my heart and great motivation for this little girl”, said Mila.

landslides victims, kintamani, bali

At the end of the session, she gave biscuits and milk to the kids. “I hope that this activity could help them realize that there are a number of individuals who care for them and are willing to help. Not only that, we also want to increase public awareness that there is still a lot of people need support from them. Lastly, at times a simple and kind act can bring joy and peace to people despite the situation they are facing.”- Mila Iswari, 2nd year International Hospitality Management student.

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