A Trip to Sumba Hospitality Foundation

A Trip to Sumba Hospitality Foundation

In this past week a group of our 2nd year students from the International  Hospitality Management programme had the opportunity to visit the Sumba Hospitality Foundation for a week.  Sumba Hospitality foundation is an organisation in partnership with Stenden University Bali that has gone out of its way to make a difference and aid in promoting Sustainable development for both the environment and the community in Sumba.

Sumba Hospitality Foundation visited by Stenden University Bali

The students took this trip there to help teach a few minor subjects at Sumba Hospitality Foundation, a hotel school for Sumbanese children to give them the basic knowledge needed to pursue a career in the Hospitality Industry.  Sumba, an untouched beautiful island  which shows great potential for tourism in east Indonesia in the Nusa Tenggara region is also home to Nihiwatu Resort, which has been ranked as one of the world’s five best eco-hotels and got also the world’s best hotel of 2016 from Travel + Leisure for its native ambiance and authentic local experience. Currently there are many individuals working to ensure that the tourism development on this island will be sustainable and will not only benefit the investors but also the Sumbanese people.

During the course of this  trip the students got to tour around the area and visit a traditional Sumbanese village, Weekuri Lagoon and Oro Beach where by they also had a chance  to help out with a beach clean-up. Additionally, as the students of the foundation also learn other aspects in order to gain survival skills our 2nd year students also had the honour to help with the maintenance of the foundations’ Organic Permaculture Farm.

      Stenden University Bali and Sumba Hospitality Foundation  students at Sumba Hospitality Foundation  Sumba Hospitality Foundation and Stenden University Bali

During the course of this week the Stenden University Bali students shared the knowledge they have acquired during the course of their International Hospitality Management Bachelor studies to the SHF students. This gave them a platform to share knowledge about the operational departments of hotels, namely Front office; Restaurant and Bar; Housekeeping and Kitchen to the students of each department respectively.

The Sumba hospitality foundation also provides all willing members of the community with free English classes on certain days on a weekly basis. As English is the language of instruction at Stenden University Bali, the students were happy to help with this as well and it was a great opportunity to mingle with other members of the community from various age groups.

Sumba Hospitality Foundation

“We are all so thankful for everyone who helped and especially all of the Staff at Sumba Hospitality Foundation for allowing us over to help out! We wish you all the best and we can’t wait to return and help out again- 2nd year IHM students ” 

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