A trip to Tanamera Coffee

Tanamera Coffee is a local company which was established with two aims, to promote the fact that nothing beats a cup of freshly roasted specialty coffee as well as showing support and passion for Indonesian Arabica! With many of Jakarta’s population particularly those in Thamrin city becoming consistant buyers of this coffee, Tanamera became a great place for coffee lovers to drink, chat and generally just hang out – attracting people of all ages and from all walks of life!

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Since joining Tanamera Coffee mid-2014, the exceptionally talented head roaster, Mr. John Lee, has worked tirelessly to source the finest, most delicious and responsibly sourced Arabica beans available in Indonesia. John then meticulously adjusts the roasting profile for each Tanamera Coffee, to bring out all the delicate flavours, notes and aromas that are characteristic to each variety, processing method and origin. Since then Tanamera has brought home several international awards, the ‘Champion International Roaster’ trophy for two consecutive years (2015 & 2016) at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) sponsored by Royal Agriculture Society of Victoria (RASV), one Gold award, eight Silver awards and ten Bronze awards from Australian International Coffee Awards.

Tanamera trades directly with farmer collectives and do regular monitoring as well as inspections on their farming practices to also help build their capacities. For Tanamera, ensuring farmers ownership of their business and autonomy to their own meaningful growth is key.

This field trip gave the year 1 students of the International Hospitality Managment Programme a broader perspective on the overall coffee brewing industry. After visiting Kopi Bali a few weeks back Tanamera gave the students a different narrative and helped them gain insight on the diversification and different business models that are existing in the industry.  In addition to this the students got to learn some fun facts on Indonesia’s performance in the industry.

For instance how, despite not reaching it’s maximum yield yet, Indonesia is currently world’s 4th biggest coffee producer on average, Indonesia can only produce 808 kg/hectare arabica and 741 kg/hectare robusta, while Vietnam produces 1000 kg/hectare and Brazil produces 2000 kg/hectare.

While Indonesia’s coffee production has been slowing down(-6,7% in 2016), coffee consumption keeps on trending (up 4,9% in 2016). The students also had the chance to explore the coffee anatomy from inside out, the stages it takes from the ground to the cup, different coffee varieties, the harvesting, roasting and brewing process and most importantly the coffee trend with the hospitality industry.

With filed trips like these the Hospitality Operations module offered by Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden also provides an introduction to the production and operational lodging of the food & beverage industry by offering insight into standards and operational procedures with their financial- and legal aspects and offering hospitality in a professional way. Indonesia is the worlds 3rd largest coffee exporter and is therefore a good learning environment for our students to witness first hand how the industry itself runs.

Studying in Bali comes with a great advantage, as the students here at Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden not only learn through lectures, but also by taking advantage of the Industries that are at their disposal and having field trips or guest lectures from successful businesses and industry professionals. This broadens the students scope of the industry and gives them real life examples and experiences in regards to the ins and out of the Hospitality Industry as opposed to being reliant on theoretical aspects alone.

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