Sumba Hospitality Foundation Charity Dinner 2018

The students of Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden both full time and grand tour students have worked tirelessly to host the annual charity gala dinner in order to fund raise money for the Sumba hospitality Foundation together with the movement towards Universities Fighting World Hunger.

Sumba Hospitality foundation is a non-profit organisation in partnership with Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden that has gone out of its way to make a difference and aid in promoting Sustainable development for both the environment and the community in Sumba. Sumba, an untouched beautiful island which shows great potential for tourism in east Indonesia in the Nusa Tenggara region is also home to Nihiwatu Resort, which has been ranked as one of the world’s five best eco-hotels and got also the world’s best hotel of 2016 from Travel + Leisure for its native ambiance and authentic local experience. Currently there are many individuals working to ensure that the tourism development on this island will be sustainable and will not only benefit the investors but also the Sumbese people.

Universities Fighting World Hunger is a coalition of over 300 universities around the world whose aim is to be the catalyst mobilizing institutions of higher education to collaborate in a grassroots student campaign and an all-disciplines academic agenda to end hunger locally and globally.

The Charity dinner was a success with over 135 people attending and of this number a mix of both students and staff members from Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden. It was an eventful evening with great food and drinks as well as several forms of entertainment, music, some talented students performing and showcasing their talents. A total of IDR 24,000,000 was raised which will all be distributed to the Sumba Hospitality Foundation. To close of the dinner a speech was delivered by the Dean and we are very proud of our students particularly those in the Student Representative Council and some of the Grand tour students for investing their time and making this a successful event. “A vote of thanks goes out to everyone who helped to make this fundraising event possible and especially all of the Staff at Sumba Hospitality Foundation for giving us this opportunity to help out! We wish you all the best and we can’t wait to lend a hand  and continuously support you in the near future – Audrey, Student Representative Council President ”


A wise man once said, ‘a little goes a long way’ and humbling activities like these are great a opportunity for the students as it gives them the chance to make a difference in the community and lend a helping hand. In the students career development programme the students of Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden can earn elective credits by doing some charity work, this instills useful principles that the students will carry for a long time in their careers. Throughout the course of the year the 1st year and 2nd year students are working on numerous projects as a way to fund raise money that goes to the Sumba Hospitality foundation. This plays a big role in ensuring that the students in Sumba have enough resources to live comfortably and receive the education they need in order to build their careers.

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