Sumba Hospitality Foundation

During the study week our 2nd year students in the International Hospitality Management programme took a trip to The Sumba Hospitality Foundation. Sumba Hospitality foundation is an organisation in partnership with Stenden University Bali that has gone out of its way to make a difference and aid in promoting Sustainable development for both the environment and the community in Sumba.

Sumba Hospitality Foundation

Our Programme Coordinator with Sumba Hospitality Foundation students

Sumba is a remote island  which shows great potential for tourism and is located in East Indonesia in the Nusa Tenggara region. This beautiful island is also home to Nihiwatu Resort, which has been ranked as one of the five best eco-hotels in the world and has also been named the world’s best hotel of 2016 by Travel + Leisure for its native ambiance and authentic local experience. Currently there are many individuals working to ensure that the tourism development on this island will be sustainable and will not only benefit the investors but also the Sumbanese people.

We are very proud to see our students using their spare time to go and volunteer at the foundation. During the week spent there the students helped out with the day to day operations at the foundation such as some english classes for the local community, interacting with the students and giving them more information about the Hospitality Industry as a whole.

This is a really great opportunity for the students as it gives them the chance to share their knowledge and work experience that they have acquired thus far in the International Hospitality Management programme at Stenden University Bali. Throughout the course of the year the 1st year and 2nd year students are working on numerous projects as a way to fundraise money that goes to the Sumba Hospitality foundation. This plays a big role in ensuring that the students in Sumba have enough resources to live comfortably and receive the education they need in order to build their careers. Have a look at this vlog that was made by one of our students as an illustration of the time they spent in Sumba.


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