Studying and surfing in Bali

Have you ever thought about how it would be to study in Bali, probably one of the most touristic destinations for surfing? To go for a sunset surf after University to the west coast close by? And on the weekends there is time enough to go for an adventurous surf trip up north, down south or even to one of the many other islands around Bali? Larissa, born and raised in Switzerland and now studying full time at Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden will share with you what it means to study and surf here on the island of the gods. Bali is truly a surfers paradise, having the chance to enjoy the waves and build a career after attending a university in Bali. There is no better way for students to balance their life and to become one with the nature. Besides the surfing technique, also patience and many other important lessons are taught while sitting in the line up.

surfing cliffSurfers are totally dependent on the nature. Thus, it is all about the timing. At the right time, at the right place offers to surf the best waves. However, this is easier said than done. The tide, the wind, the weather, the moon and the swell determine the waves. Every surf spot needs specific conditions to generate the best possible waves. In Bali there are always some of them. If it’s too windy at the west coast, there is most likely a surf spot at the east coast showing good conditions. On the search for the perfect wave, hidden and secret beaches will be passed which show the beauty of Bali once more.

Immediately apparent, people are getting stoked by surfing their first wave. The feeling when the wave is about to push the tip of the toes, paddling the last stroke and jumping quickly on the board, standing on top of the wave and gliding down on the surface of the water, just following the direction of the wave, is indescribable. Every second before the next opportunity to paddle for a wave is worth the wait and absolutely addictive.

surfing cliff Bali

But it’s not only about surfing itself. It is also about to get to know the different cultures in the water and mostly to respect the locals. The more respectful you are, the more eager they are to share their waves with you.

Furthermore, the awareness of the maritime life will automatically get stronger and more important. Whenever a head of a turtle pops up above surface of the water, only an arm length away, brings you back to the fact that you are in the middle of the ocean, the home of many thousands of animals. Being part of beach clean ups is hereby getting part of your weekly routine, as it is to tidy up your room at home.

Surfing teaches to be patient, to wait for the one opportunity and when it is here it is all about trying to give more than hundred percent in order not to miss it. Totally focused on the moment, learning how to enjoy it the most. To spend the weekends at the beach, to have the surfboard steady on the rack of the scooter is part of a lifestyle. The skin is bronzed, the hair is bleached from the sun. It is nothing new to sit at university with wet and salty hair, trying to cover the marks of your wet bikini on your clothes, as you did not want to miss a single second while surfing before classes. On your laptop, the surf forecast has it’s regular place, always looking forward to the next adventure somewhere at the beaches of this paradise island.

surfing jumpAs already mentioned, surfing is the perfect balance for life at university. It makes the body active, the soul even-tempered and gives an insight into the culture of Bali from another perspective. Who would have thought that of all  the hours spent in the line up will connect you with people to find your internship, which truly inspired you for your future plans.- Larissa Olivia Huser, 1st year International Hospitality Management Student.

Find out more on how you can live in paradise, study and surf with at Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden in Bali.

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