Study Start Week – September 2017

The introduction week is always the beginning of an exciting journey for our new students.  Getting to know each other, getting to know the campus and its facilities and of course, having fun, are the key elements of the study start week.

Our new students from the September 2017 intake are from all over the world, which created a wonderful international and open-minded atmosphere during the welcoming on Monday. While having some snacks and drinks, the students got the chance to talk to each other as well as to our employees, it was a warm welcome.

Since Monday was a fun day, our students had an excursion to Bali Village, which is a social activity developed on the base of a sustainable tourism concept.  People get to explore and experience daily Balinese life activities, our new students had much fun diving into the real Bali culture.

Stenden University Bali - Study Start Week September 2017

After a long day full of impressions, our students and staff members enjoyed a delicious Barbeque dinner and a typical Bali sunset, beautiful!

All our students come to us with a different educational and social background.  Therefore, the introduction week also functions as the chance to introduce our students to several learning methods such as the Problem-based Learning system (PBL) as well as basic self-reflection and evaluation techniques. A trial PBL and feedback session was held to prepare them best for their first real week of studying.

Stenden University Bali - Study Start Week September 2017

Alumni’s and current students shared their experience, challenges, and achievements of our new first year students. It was nice to see all these young people just at the beginning of their journey, getting inspired and imagine their future career. We cannot wait to see them develop and grow, one day, becoming experts in their area of expertise.

Stenden’s study starts the week is best to round off with another fun activity. Our students went for a day of rafting! Despite the fact of rafting being a fun activity, for some of our students, it has been a challenge but also a great opportunity to overcome fears and seek for new experiences. Everyone made it home safe and enriched by another great memory.

We wish our students all the best and a good start in a new chapter of their life!

Stenden University Bali - Study Start Week September 2017

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