Real-World Learning Practice at Alila Villas Uluwatu

Hospitality industry has always been my purpose, as I love to combine my passion for travelling and pleasing people at the same time. Also, the service-minded hoteliers, rapid changes of innovations, and the designs of hotels’ architectures never fail to amaze me.

Therefore, as I have the opportunity to work as a trainee at Alila Villas Uluwatu, I feel so grateful and excited. I know there might be some challenges to test me along the way, and there are many things I am not yet familiar with. But, I will look at the positive sides, learn from my mistakes, and improve from that.

Hospitality Study

People have always said to me that working is not easy. It requires some positive attitude, high-self-discipline, and time-management. I feel that having to go to work 6 days a week in four different departments. Such as F&B service, kitchen preparation, housekeeping and front office to be a quite new thing for me.

I was pushed to move forward and to have my own responsibility of work. During the programm, I was guided by some of my supervisors and managers. On the other hand, everyone has a high expectation for the excellent service at the five-star property. Therefore, the trainees must be able to work as professional as any other staff.

Trainee at Alila Uluwatu

Furthermore, in each of the department, I also met different managers with different expectations. For instance, at the F&B service department. There was a very strict regulation for the trainees to come on time, and to be able to prepare the necessary things for the dinning. Also, my daily job in the morning shift was very busy.

There were always things to do, starting from folding the napkins, preparing the plates, cutleries, fruit platters, polishing the glasses, ordering and serving the meals to the guests. Even though I had done my very best with helping. I was still critically commented and asked to be more pro-active with the daily job.

However, I realized that it was a part of learning process. No matter how hard it was, it would be beneficial for me to improvise and do it better for my next internship.

After having already known some of the basic knowledge about the menu and the operation in the kitchen. I had an opportunity to be at the pastry for the second department. I found it very enjoyable to be working with supportive people at Alila’s kitchen.

I was taught on how to bake some breads for breakfast, make some afternoon tea, and some chocolate boxes. Everything went smoothly, as I was really happy with the job. However, I was soon assigned to be a part of the housekeeping trainee.

Busy morning at Alila Uluwatu

From this experience, I researched that room department generates the biggest revenue in the hospitality industry. That is why, it motivates me to keep on learning about all of hotel areas, including the housekeeping department.

Last but not least, my training was at the front office department. I discovered my passion here. I am always glad to be able to assist the guests with anything I can do to help and to make sure they go home with some memorable experiences.

To my personal opinion, I trust this practical module is very beneficial for anyone hoping to start a career at the hospitality industry from the basic operation. As a next step for me, I will learning from the defects of my work experience and find any other sources like books, magazines, and advice from the hospitality experts to reach my goal as a hotel manager.

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