Problem Based Learning

Instead of learning from the books alone, you and your fellow-students will actively seek out new knowledge using real case studies from the industry. This unique and innovative education method is practiced at all Stenden campus sites.

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You will actively construct new knowledge

You will learn how to think in terms of solutions

You will develop critical thinking and analytical skills

You will learn to work together as a team

You will learn to work methodically, according to a project plan

You will develop practical skills such as conducting meetings, giving presentations and taking minutes

Every module you will join PBL sessions, twice a week, in addition to the regular classes. You will tackle the course material (topics related to the specific module) by focusing on practical issues or cases, which you and a small group of your fellow students will analyse, resolve and discuss afterwards. You set out to find solutions to the problem at hand and collaborate with your classmates to achieve the best results. Throughout this process, you will be supervised by a tutor, who will intervene if necessary. In your team meetings, you will sometimes be charged with taking the minutes, while at other times you may be required to chair, keep track of the time or write down key information on the whiteboard. This enables you to get experience of a variety of practical roles. The number of hours in class varies from 12 to 14 hours a week. In a nutshell: problem-based learning enables you to acquire a thorough understanding of the theory as well as providing you with practical skills that will prove invaluable during your career.

You will learn how to translate the knowledge you have acquired into practice

Gain valuable work experience during your studies

Develop an understanding of your future professional field

Real World Learning

By the time you finish your course, you want to make sure you have some real-life work experience under your belt. At Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden, we offer students the opportunity to engage in practical learning and apply theory to practice throughout their time here.

You will discover that ‘practical learning’ includes everything from problem-based learning to project work and work placements. You will get to work on specific case studies and attend lectures by industry experts. You’ll find there’s nothing like the combination of a university education and hands-on learning experience to prepare you for the ‘Real World’ out there!

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Learning companies

As part of its Real World Learning programme, Stenden owns, operates and collaborates with various Learning Companies which are affiliated to the various programmes and open to students enrolled in these programmes. Many of our students acquire their first, valuable work experience at one of these companies. Run by students and supervised by industry professionals, the Learning Companies are designed for students to apply in practice what they have learned in the classroom, while at the same time gaining experience in interacting with customers on a day-to-day basis.

Current Learning Companies include:
Stenden Hotel (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands)
Alila Hotels and Resorts (Bali, Indonesia)
Stenden Meeting U (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands)


Stenden University of Applied Sciences is committed to ensuring that our students receive the best possible career opportunities and develop marketable skills. Our approach to practical education is unique in the Netherlands, and as part of each of our courses we also offer one or more integrated internships, lasting up to 10 months each.

Enhance your international work experience.

Enhance your international work experience.

Internship opportunities at multinational companies.

Internship opportunities at major multinationals.

Discover new people and cultures.

Discover new people and cultures.

Learn to speak a foreign language.

Learn to speak a foreign language.

Improve your chances of finding a job.

Improve your chances of finding a job.

We work closely with various industries and maintain a solid network of businesses worldwide where our students can complete internships and traineeships.

Modern employers expect you to be ready and prepared from day one, and internships are the perfect opportunity for you to explore potential careers and boost your CV, and are often also gateways to landing that dream job.

Stenden will assist you in finding a suitable, high-quality internship and will guide you throughout your work placement.

Each student is assigned an internship/dissertation supervisor, who keeps in touch with you to provide academic support and professional guidance during your internship.

Career Development

Our Career Development programme enables you as a student to reflect on a regular basis, through workshops, individual coaching and portfolio building – on personal strengths and professional development.

Career Development is offered throughout the Bachelor programmes in every module and includes:

Workshops on study skills, professional writing, self-knowledge and personal insight

Field trips and company presentations (work-exploration and career building)

Personal coaching (study and career related personal guidance)

Elective credits and extra-curricular activities (E.g.: Student Representative Council, StuCareer Developmentdent Promo Team)

Career Development prepares you for your future career by helping you to find the right job after graduation, leading you in the right direction regarding which specialization to choose, as well as your internship that often leads to employment.

During your study period you will have a personal coach appointed to you, who will guide you throughout the programme. This coach helps you to make the right choices (specialization, internship etc.), keeps you on track and assists you in your personal and career development.