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Welcome to Triatma Mulya Stenden

Accredited Dutch BBA Degrees (Dutch education is ranked among the best in the world)

Paid Internships (Worldwide, e.g.; USA, UAE, Cruise ships), generally leading to immediate employment.

Study 4 years: 2 years in Bali, 1 year in The Netherlands, 1 year worldwide internship

International Students and Staff, personal coaching & career development

Career Prospects

Quality And Staff

Tuition fee

Career Prospects

Quality And Staff

Triatma Mulya Stenden has a close relationship with the industry to be able to offer a high quality of practical oriented education, which we recognize as being of importance for your future career. In your fourth year, you will do your internship. During this 10 months traineeship, you will have the opportunity to really get to know the company, and many students find that they have a job lined up at their internship company as soon as they finish their studies. The internship could take you anywhere: a 5-star hotel, a cruise ship, an events company, bank or insurance company in 45 countries worldwide.

A few examples of internship companies in Bali, Indonesia are:


A few examples of internship companies overseas are:

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  • 11.000 students study in Triatma Mulya Stenden worldwide from 90 different nationalities.
  • English taught programmes.
  • Accredited double Bachelor’s Degree (Dutch BBA and Indonesian SE)

Tution Fee

For Non-EU Students

(Propaedeutic phase) Bali
(Post-propaedeutic phase) Bali
(Post-propaedeutic phase) The Netherlands
Internship and dissertation worldwide
Semester 1Semester 2Semester 3Semester 4Semester
Semester 7Semester 8

Application & registration

€ 200€ 200

Indonesian foundation phase

€ 200€ 200€ 400

Graduation fees

€ 400€ 400

Tuition fee

€ 3,450€ 3,450€ 3,450€ 3,450€ 3,450€ 3,450€ 3,450€ 3,450€ 27,600


€ 3,850€ 3,650€ 3,450€ 3,450€ 3,450€ 3,450€ 3,450€ 3,850€ 28,600

Accommodation & Living costs

The accommodation facilities are arranged and provided by Triatma Mulya Stenden ranging from IDR2,500,000 to IDR4,000,000/month.

  • Accommodation cost does not include water and electricity bills
  • Fully furnished
  • wi-fi
  • private bathroom
  • Non-shared rooms (even those that have twin beds)
  • Shared swimming pool
  • Security
  • Cleaning services (once a week)
  • Kitchen (not applicable to all rooms)

These accommodation facilities are homes to the majority of the regular students of Triatma Mulya Stenden. The accommodation is easily accessible and is located just 5 minutes walking distance from the campus building.

Depending on your lifestyle, you should expect to spend a minimum of IDR4,000,000 to IDR8,000,000 a month on living expenses.

Additional living costs for students include:

Medical Insurance

Transport – students are advised to use transportation online applications such as UBER, GoJek, GrabTaxi or meter taxi starting from IDR15 000/km depending on service providers. Given that the student holds a valid driver’s license in the necessary class, there is also the possibility to rent either a car or scooter (it is the student’s responsibility to make these arrangements) Scooter – from IDR700 000/month; Car – from IDR150 000/day depending on the model of the vehicle.

Meals – from either IDR10 000 in a local restaurant or IDR50 000 in a middle scale restaurant for a meal.

Leisure and entertainment.

* IDR refers to Indonesian Rupiah.