My Real World Learning Experience 

Hospitality is a rapidly growing industry. The fact that it offers global opportunities and involves making people’s day is the art of hospitality industry. The secret to a successful career in hospitality industry is to perceive and to learn the true significance of hospitality, yet, the only way to truly understand this is by practicing in a real world working environment. Therefore, in line with the purpose of the module “Real World Learning 1”, where by the first year students are introduced to the hotel environment. In the module “Real World Learning”, as the International Hospitality Management year 1 students we are introduced to a real hotel environment. Together with 20 other students we have been trained in Alila Villas Uluwatu for 8 weeks and have been given an opportunity to learn practical skills in 4 departments. Those being the Front Office, House Keeping, Kitchen, and F&B Service.

My Real World Learning Experience 1

The “Real World Learning” module assisted me to develop my personal and professional competencies, which is very much needed in order to work in the hospitality industry. At the start of the module period, a Talent Passport was given to all of the students. Talent Passport is a report written by supervisors and managers about our professionalism, participation, and preparation throughout the practical period. It also contains constructive feedback, which enables us as students to individually carry out a self reflection and to evaluate the skill sets that we have acquired. Although receiving feedback can be somewhat overwhelming, it is very much needed for personal and professional development. Its safe to say the Talent Passport has helped me to manage my personal goal setting and to carefully identify those aspects where by I can make a room for improvements. In addition to this, This module helped me to realize my true interest and aspirations, which I find is very useful to decide on my future career path.

The experience encountered in this module period is one that I have not gained prior to this, and I found that jumping off straight into the field has really broadened my knowledge in the overall operational procedures in today’s hotel industry. For instance, in the Front Office, I learnt  the essence of communication through internal phone calls, interacting with the guests, and gained more understanding of  the check in and check out procedures. In House Keeping, I learnt on how to execute morning and turn down service as well as other aspects related to Rooms Division. Moreover, in the Kitchen, I got the chance to enhance my knowledge in regards to different cuisines by learning to make pastries and variety of Western and Indonesian foods. Lastly, F&B Service taught me on how to serve the guests with excellence. Among all these I broadened my practical competences by acquiring a range of other skills and techniques related to these operational departments. Throughout the practice, all of the students trained under the supervision of a departmental manager to guarantee the quality of the learning.

My Real World Learning Experience 2

I am of strong opinion that after I complete the module, I will be able to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitude required to work as a professional in the international hospitality industry. I feel that interacting with others, as well as to work and to get along with people from various background has improved my cultural and emotional intelligence. Moreover, moving away from my home town in Jakarta to come and study in Bali alongside having all these experiences during my first year of studies has required me to step out of my comfort zone and taught me to be a more independent young profession. This has made a positive impact on my personal development. I am excited to see what will come next in this Bachelor degree programme. Although, making mistakes during this practical module is a given, I would like to encourage future students who will follow this programme to not be afraid of this, but instead to take it as a learning opportunity.  Above all,  in real life, experience is the best teacher.

– Intan Aurora, first year International Hospitality student.

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