Marketing Management in International Business

In the second year of the study in Business Administration programme at Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden, in the first module the students will learn the marketing management. They will not only learn about marketing but also economics, management, and research as well as law. These are important ingredient for students to broad their knowledge. The goal of Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden in this module is that the Business Administration (BA) students gain understanding of certain marketing strategies and develop strategic choices.

Studying this module in Bali gives the students better understanding regarding the relationship between a company or organization and its (potential) customers. Nowadays, as we know that consumers look for the company which is most satisfactory and best fulfills their needs. The students need to know and understand what the purpose of the marketing, which is the correct way  to satisfy the costumer and retain them. The students also need to know about the demands on the market, define their competitors, as well as the concept on how to distinguish themselves from them. With Bali increasingly becoming a hub not only for tourism but also internationally renowned business, studying Marketing as a subject at our University in Bali gives the students relevant exposure and broadens their perspective.

Marketing Management

The following competences will also be acquired:

  • Marketing – the students develop further understanding on the Marketing mix, Competitive analysis and acquire the ability to make successful marketing strategies and develop insight into the reasoning behind strategic choices.
  • Economics –  Students gain insights on consumer demand, how producer supply decisions are determined and how this allocation of resources is influenced by market structures, institutions, government policies and macroeconomic issues (economic growth, unemployment, inflation and a country’s balance of payments). In addition to this Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden students apply and grasp theoretical concepts of elasticity (supply, demand, income), and economies of scale in order to determine about the inputs and outputs of a firm in order to maximize the profit.
  • Management – Students learn to differentiate the characteristics of an organisation and be able to explain in his or her own words what management is, including but not limited to the difference between leadership and management. Overview of different organisational structures and systems (including network organisations), different organisational cultures and the ability to explain the coherence between the organisational objectives, the organisational structure and the organisational culture. In addition, students also learn to identify issues and develop arguments in the field of organisation and ethics, and single out issues and develop arguments on issues in the field of organisation and sustainability.
  • Law – Gain insight into the basics of business and civil law.
  • Research – To conclude the module the students conduct a complete marketing research project for the target group: writing a literature review, drawing up a questionnaire, collecting and analysing quantitative data, reporting and presenting the outcomes.


Marketing  Marketing Management in International Business

During this module, students will develop a written research assignment and take part in a written exam as a way to showcase their knowledge. This module also comprises of Lectures, Workshops and (PBL) Problem based Learning system which is used in the global network of Stenden. These have been designed to support the construction of research and written assignments in which all the various components of the module are featured on a multi-and-interdisciplinary basis. Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden has a number of exciting field trips to several successful businesses in the based in Bali; guest lectures with experience in this field particularly, real-life case studies and so much more. Follow our social media pages and keep yourself up to date with our students’ exciting journeys.

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