Manufacturing Business Insights Field trip

First year BA students of Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden had a field trip to Jakarta on the 13th-14th of May 2018. I was one of 8 students who participated.

Manufacturing Business Insights Field trip to Jakarta

‘Operational Organization’ is the main focus of our current Module 4 in the Business Administration programme. The purpose of our visit is to therefore link the theories learnt regarding systems, business processes and operational management and seeing it practiced in the real world. Learning becomes lively through observation, experience and asking questions to field experts directly.

Manufacturing Business Insights Field trip

The first company we had the chance to visit is ‘Aubeau’. The cosmetics manufacturing company is located in the far depth of Tangerang industrial area. Aubeau in a local brand, manufacturing make up and anti-aging skincare. Within our time here, we learned the flow process of raw resources to finished product. Cosmetics industry in Indonesia is highly regulated, it was very insightful to have a peek inside. If Aubeau invests highly in its R&D we BA students believe that the company can grow to compete with international brands.

Highlight of our trip was definitely the visit to ‘PT Astra Daihatsu Motor’ (ADM) assembly plant in Sunter. Although upon entering the plant hostility was felt due to rigid surveillance, we managed to receive a very hospitable treatment from the representatives and employees of ADM. We were kindly directed and seated in a conference hall.

Manufacturing Business Insights Field trip Astra

The seminar gave us a thorough understanding of ADM history/company profile, their corporate culture, evolution of their products and most importantly the manufacturing process. The seminar was made interesting through videos and the use of interactive Question & Answer session, awarding ADM merchandises to those who participated proactively.

Post-seminar, we headed to the assembly plant for ‘Genba’, Japanese term for actual place. Phones and camera forbidden in exchange, we were equipped with a safety helmets and centralized audio guide. The whole process is highly confidential; therefore we only got a glimpse of the end department, which is assembling all the parts together.

It is the first time my classmates and I visited an assembly plant; we were all very intrigued. What strikes me most is that ADM does not produce batch products, but instead produces mixed products with different specifications through prepared codes, SPS line, FIFO and ‘pokayoke’ to reduce human errors during assembling. As the company inherits many Japanese work ethics, ‘kaizen’, continuous improvements, are used thoroughly.

Work hard, play hard! We also had the chance to visit Dufan Recreation Park to let our fun side out. The girls even managed to go shopping in between our packed schedule. Despite the intolerable Jakarta traffic, the field trip has provided us knowledge and an enjoyable time. The exposure has also inspired us BA students for our future business ventures.   

On behalf of the BA students, I would like to thank Sir Stephanus, Pak Beni and Miss Shinta for arranging as well as accompanying us in our learning experience!

By: Ida Ayu ‘Ling-Ling’ Widja Patni

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