Real World Learning – International Hospitality Management Module

During the Real world learning module the students of the International Hospitality Management Module get the abilities to learn first hand and gain the competences needed as future hoteliers. In doing so the students have to opportunity to do their practical training in our 5-star partner hotel Alila Seminyak which is part of Alila Hotels and Resorts!

open day alila hotel - international hospitality management module

Alila is a Two Roads Hospitality luxury boutique hotel brand, managed by a skilled local and global team that embraces the values of passion, innovation, authenticity, social responsibility and community engagement, to create, operate and deliver well-rounded, personalised management services to their shareholders and heartfelt experiences to their guests.

international hospitality management module 2

This is a great learning environment for students who have chosen a profession in the wonderful world of hospitality, one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The beauty of the hospitality industry is the fact that it offers global opportunities and it involves taking care of people in beautiful settings that the students co-create. The secret to a successful start of our students’ careers lies in understanding the true essence of hospitality that will make prospective guests become raving fans of the actual product and service.

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Aside from reading about Hospitality and studying the theoretical components the students follow in other modules, we at Stenden believe that the only way to truly experience this is by practicing in a Real World environment. This is why our practice hotels have been instrumental in providing our alumni with a head start in their careers for over 25 years. During the practice period (1st, 2nd and 3rd year), students have the opportunity to practice hostmanship, leadership and the necessary technical skills within the various departments of Alila Hotels and the Hospitality industry as a whole. In learning by doing, the students will identify what hospitality is, and what its key components and functions are. This is the time for students to find out where their true talents lie and to develop these further in preparation for their first job or internship.

Although the International Hospitality Management students have the opportunity to work in an actual hotel. The Business Administration students have a fair share of real world learning. By the time students finish their course, employers want to make sure to recruit students that have some real-life work experience under their belt. At Stenden, we offer students the opportunity to engage in practical learning and apply theory to practice throughout their time here.

You will discover that ‘practical learning’ includes everything from problem-based learning to project work and work placements. You will get to work on specific case studies and attend lectures by industry experts. You’ll find there’s nothing like the combination of a university education and hands-on learning experience to prepare you for the ‘Real World’ out there!

  • learn how to translate the knowledge you have acquired into practice
  • gain valuable work experience during your studies
  • develop an understanding of your future professional field
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