Hospitality Operations Performance

Education for the Hospitality Industry is a delicate combination of theoretical knowledge and practical application. Nowhere in the curriculum is this more apparent than in this module offered at Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden. The Hospitality Operation Performance Module offered in the 2nd year of the International Hospitality Management Programme consists of 4 weeks theoretical education and 5 weeks operational performance.

In the module of Hospitality Operation Performance we see this combination where we offer the students the best of both these worlds. Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden as an international university in Bali  expect that students will not only increase your understanding in the different subject but also further develop your professional attitude and expertise. Studying in Bali already gives students relevant exposure to the Hotel industry in particular that they can use during the course of this module. 

hospitality operations performance

This module allows the students to develop a range of competences and consists of the following units:

Unit : 1 Supervisory Practice ( 6 EC )

Students will be able to assess and supervise departmental operations on a tactical level in a real world hospitality environment at our partner hotel/practical training environment Alila Hotels and Resorts.

Unit 2: HOTS Simulation  (3 EC)

The HOTS Simulation places students into the position of managing a hotel business in a virtual environment that mirrors the real world. This is a competitive environment where students either work individually or in teams to compete for the available business within the simulated environment. Exercises utilising HOTS can be focused on a variety of learning aims, which include – operations, strategic management, finance,  customer service, crisis management, social media, revenue management, benchmark data and many more.

HOTS is often utilised world wide as part of training courses, leadership exercises and for team building activities by Hotel Schools, Universities,  by individual properties and hotel chains as part of learning and development activities. Speak to us further about this, as we can tailor the simulation to meet individual course and learning aims.

In this module students  have the ability to demonstrate business improvement skills in both managerial as well as entrepreneurial behaviour using an analytical approach to monitor/control and evaluate the day to day operation at tactical level within the HOTS simulation game in order to improve business performance.

Unit 3: Hotel Procedures (3 EC)

The student are then able to supplement their practical skills with theoretical reasoning in the areas of Human Resource Management, Marketing & Technology and Management and Organization.

hospitality operations - Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden hospitality operations performance module

Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden has ensured that this module builds upon prior existing knowledge gained from different modules in year one. With regards to the Marketing subject it is to be seen as a continuation from the Guest Relation Module in year 1. The Human Resources component will build upon the Resources Module of year 1. Economics will focus on the knowledge required to assess and analyse the operation of the HOTS Hotel.  The subject of Hotel operations is to be seen as a combination of skills also required to the successful completion of the HOTS assignment. In line with the introduction of the supervisory aspect in practice, the new subject of Management & Organization is offered. The practice component of the module will introduce the students to the tactical management level and have them operate in a supervisory capacity.

During this module, students will develop written assignments and portfolios as a way to showcase their knowledge. This module also comprises of Lectures, Business simulation workshops, practical training and (PBL) Problem based Learning system which is used in the global network of Stenden. These have been designed to support the construction of research and written assignments in which all the various components of the module are featured on a multi-and-interdisciplinary basis. Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden has a number of exciting field trips to several successful businesses in the based in Bali; guest lectures with experience in this field particularly, real-life case studies and so much more. Follow our social media pages and keep yourself up to date with our students’ exciting journeys.

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