Events Management Minor in The 3rd Year

Events Management Minor in The 3rd Year

At Stenden students in the 3rd year have the unique opportunity to do Electives. Electives are the chance for students to specialise and become empowered by focusing and expanding their knowledge on a particular subject. This allows each student to truly take charge of their career by ‘customising’ their programme. One of the Electives offered at Stenden Bali is the Event Management 1, this module allows students to demonstrate  their knowledge and understanding of the event industry. Upon successful completion of the elective Event management 1, students will be able to meet all the competences set by Stenden and certifying organizations in this particular field.

The module itself is sub grouped into learning units which aid in giving the students an in depth understanding of the subject at hand. This module comprises of but not limited to learning units such as;

1: Event Management Theory– which is based around the areas of project management, creativity and designing, marketing, architecture/programming, finance and risk management. Here by students demonstrate that they are able to identify and analyse relevant theory and apply this on international Real World event cases.

2: Event Research – Students have the opportunity to analyse an (event) project idea at micro, meso and macro level, to conduct applied research for a client in the event industry and by doing so, demonstrate knowledge, research skills and a professional attitude relevant to management positions within a Real World event environment.
3: Event Management Educational Fieldtrip – Students will demonstrate a general understanding of operational and strategic aspects of the event industry, teambuilding, leadership skills and networking are amongst the competences they acquire and in turn allow them to demonstrate a business-like attitude that meets the standards of the international event industry.
This module is assessed by means of Event Management Based Learning (EMBL) (-which is a more advanced/complex learning method that is derived from the (PBL) Problem based Learning system used in the global network of Stenden), research and written assignments in which all the various components of the module are featured on an interdisciplinary basis. We are really looking forward to welcoming students of the Grand Tour students into this module. As the new academic year is upon us Stenden Bali has a number of exciting field trips to several successful businesses in the based in Bali; guest lectures with experience in this field particularly, real life case studies and so much more. Follow our social media pages and keep yourself up to date with our students exciting journeys.


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