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Media Innovation Lecturer (Part Time)

Job brief

Universitas Triatma Mulya in cooperation with Stenden (STMS) in Bali, Indonesia is looking for a (part time) media innovation lecturer per direct to lecture in our course Media Innovation in Tourism. This is a part-time position due to the fact that the course is offered twice per academic year, during the months from September until middle of November and February until the middle of April with an average of 20 teaching hours per week.


  • Experience in development of media products with a focus on infotainment in the media work field;
  • Knowledge off and experience in Design Thinking while developing these products, preferably in the work field;
  • Knowledge of the design of media concepts;
  • Experience in and knowledge of the design of (paper) prototypes for digital media products;
  • Knowledge of the developments in Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR);
  • Coaching abilities in order to lead students with different background knowledge through the design process of an innovative media product such as AR;
  • At least in possession of a bachelor’s degree;
  • Excellent command of English, both in speaking and writing.

STMS in Bali, Indonesia is an international campus of NHL Stenden and was established in 2009. STMS offers double bachelor’s degrees in International Hospitality Management & International Business Administration and furthermore offers 6 minors (electives) and a range of short courses. STMS has currently over 60 bachelor students and approximately 350 Grand Tour students (on a yearly basis). STMS’s ambition is to implement 2 more (full-time) double degree programmes and 4 additional courses (electives) over the next 5 years. STMS’s ambitions also includes the development of research activities and a growth in courses offered to the (local) industry.

Application Procedure

Send your CV and motivation letter (in English) to Ms. Rani Kusumo (

For queries please kindly contact –