Career Development

The Career Development Programme (CDP) is a year long programme that focuses on helping groups and individuals to make educational and occupational choices and to develop the competences to manage their careers. The focus of this programme is to enable students to become professional and contextual learners within the first year. Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden has ensured that the programme entails personal management, study skills, work exploration and career building. The career development is present in both the International Hospitality Management and the Business Administration Programme as we strive to unleash the potential in all our students.

The first year focuses on the transition to becoming successful in your future career path. The CDP is integrated and related to PBL in the regular module structure. During weekly meetings coaches and tutors decide which support is needed. The CDP is in the heart of the entire education from year one all the way to year four. Every experience that students encounter will be made sense of in the CDP. This programme is interwoven in all other aspects of the curriculum.

Career Development

Career Development

This is not all done by the student, however the student has a Study Career Coach (SCC) who is responsible for helping students to develop potential qualities in order to improve overall performance and learning capacity during their study years. The SCC supports the students by stimulating them to take responsibility for their development towards their future career, teaching you the students to study effectively, monitoring their progress and development, providing constructive feedback on competence development and career portfolio. The SCC is an usually a lecturer in the programme in question. In the first year students will meet The SCC on regular basis, as a way to build a personal relationship with The SCC.

Within career development every student needs to obtain two elective credits in the first year and two elective credits in the second year. Elective credits are activities that give students the opportunity to broaden, deepen, and customize their study based on areas of interest within the industry. These activities have to broaden and/or deepen the student’s competences. The activities can range from community based projects such as charity work or beach clean ups, to work experience in a company of their choosing to broaden their perspective.

Our aim is to develop young professionals to become authentic leaders and problem solvers, prepared to take part in multicultural environments and fast changing market places during the students two years of studies in Bali, 1 year at the mother campus at Stenden and . Personal guidance and a strong focus on practical learning play an important part in the study programmes offered at Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden. Furthermore, the students will be given many opportunities to develop themselves as an individual, being able to get the most out of their higher education and to expand their horizon. For more information on career development click here to find out what multinational companies, 5 – star hotel chains, Cruise lines and many other successful corporations our students have ventured into.

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