Business Communication Module

In this module the following subjects are facilitated for the Business Administration students better understanding: Business English 2, Verbal Communication 2 and Written Communication 2, Corporate Communication and Logical and Critical Thinking.

Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden students have chosen for an education in an international and multicultural setting. With Globalization becoming increasingly popular our present day society is heavily influenced by the English language which has widely become a language known and spoken by many of us. Therefore, in the first year of this Bachelor programme, Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden focuses on two blocks of Business English making studying in Bali an easily adaptable environment as a result of the vast amount of cultures and international businesses that can be found here. Upon completing both, Business English 1 and 2, students will have extended their range of vocabulary, making them more familiar with the English grammar, enhancing and giving them confidence when it comes to communicating verbally and in writting when in a business environment.

After having studied ‘Discussion Skills’ in Verbal Communication 1, Verbal Communication 2 focuses on presentations and meetings which have been deemed useful by Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden as these skills are crucial in the international Business Environment. Speaking will no doubt be part of each and every one of our students future career. This module encompasses a way they can learn how to hold engaging presentations, persuade, negotiate and how to hold meetings in a professional way.

Written Communication 2 is a follow-up of Written Communication 1, and this time in combination with Logical and Critical Thinking. How to communicate scientifically, how to deliver ones point of view, how one communicates if an argument is at least as important as what one needs to communicate. Merely stating the facts is not enough, the way a student presents and interprets the facts and how the  argue a given case are some extremely important elements of persuasive reasoning. Our Business students studying here in Bali as well as at other Stenden global campus sites that offer this programme are going to make a literature review, and it is going to be a big step higher compared to what the students had to do in Written Communication 1 in their 1st semester of their studies. This will prepare the students for writing reports in a more objective and empiric way, and eventually their thesis/dissertation in the final year.

In addition to this the students have a corporate communication component which will focus on the different forms of communication students are bound to encounter in their future professional practice: internally and externally, with focus on management, business and/or organization. By communicating well with all stakeholders, the students will not only sell a particular product or service, but will also promote the corporate identity and a coherent corporate image. In PBL, students will  also cover several cases where companies in different branches have to deal with communication changes, and it is up to you how you are going to use communication to deal with them.

In this module the following competences will be aimed at:

  • Understanding external analysis
  • Setting up company processes
  • Analysing internal processes and organisational environment
  • Social and communicative competences
  • Becoming aware of own cultural identity
  • Focusing on your own behaviour and values
  • Handling intercultural differences
  • Being able use logical and critical thinking skills in academic writing and speech

During this module, students will develop written assignments and portfolios as a way to showcase their knowledge. This module also comprises of Lectures, Workshops and (PBL) Problem based Learning system which is used in the global network of Stenden. These have been designed to support the construction of research and written assignments in which all the various components of the module are featured on a multi-and-interdisciplinary basis. Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden has a number of exciting field trips to several successful businesses in the based in Bali; guest lectures with experience in this field particularly, real-life case studies and so much more. Follow our social media pages and keep yourself up to date with our students’ exciting journeys.

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