Bachelor’s degree in Bali

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to study in Bali and get an internationally recognized Bachelor’s degree for an affordable semester tuition fees of just € 3.450. Bali is one of the most famous paradise islands in the world that encompasses both spectacular natural scenes and a unique culture and way of life. Our campus gives you the chance to have the right balance between developing your educational background as well as exploring the archipelago of Indonesia alongside with the South East Asian region.

Studying International Hospitality Management programme at Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden in Bali which happens to be Indonesia’s melting pot in regards to tourism the students still however receive international hotel background and reference from a number of the main cities on different continents (e.g. Europe, Africa, Asia, USA, Australia). In addition to this Hotel Franchises and Multinational cooperation’s that operate in a vast majority of countries aid in giving the students better understanding of the Industry and how it functions on a Global scale.

bachelors degree in bali

The Business Administration programme from Universitas Triatma Mulya Stenden Bali is one of the best ranked Business Administration and Business Management programmes, according to the ‘Keuzegids HBO’, a guide to Dutch institutions of higher education for students and parents. The Business Administration programme is one that provides a wealth of professional opportunities, especially with Bali increasing becoming a start up hub for many entrepreneurs. This program has been tailor made to open doors for you and provide endless opportunities upon graduating with a Dutch Bachelor of Business Administration Bachelor’s degree.

Despite the career opportunities both our Bachelor programmes have to offer not only do they require you to acquire theoretical knowledge of the industry but also helps you build your career one step at a time with the help of the following but not limited to these unique learning methods:

  • Career Development
  • Personal Coaching
  • Design Based Education
  • Practical and theoretical learning
  • Multicultural Environment
  • Innovative Problem based Learning Concept
  • Paid Internship worldwide (generally leading to immediate employment)

Why wait when you can become a part of this institution and be one step closer to your career goals. Find out more about admission requirements and by simply contacting our marketing department by leaving an inquiry below.

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