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Kees Elbers, Academic Dean for the School of Business at Stenden University of Applied Sciences.

Kees Elbers pursued his tertiary education at The University of Groningen in The Netherlands, where by he acquired both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees with his major being in Mathematics and Technical Engineering.

Kees has worked for over 25 years in both secondary and higher education. As a result of his passion for teaching he has taught in The Netherlands at various institutions in the country, teaching subjects such as ICT, Logistics, Mathematics and Statistics. With admirable tenure and work experience, Kees has progressed in his career in the tertiary education sector and is currently the Academic Dean for the School of Business at Stenden University of Applied Sciences; mother campus to Stenden University Bali and 3 other International Branch Campus sites.

The School of Business at Stenden University of Applied Sciences offers Bachelor programmes such as International Business and Management Studies (IBMS), Human Resources Management (HRM), Finance and Control (BE), Logistics Management (LE) and International Applied Business Administration (IABA) which is also offered here at Stenden University Bali.

The School of business has over 1000 students from various countries around the globe and accounts for 10% of the overall student population of Stenden University of Applied Sciences. Up to 300 students graduate from The School of Business annually and have generally a high employability rate, with most students obtaining jobs in fields relating to their studies within the first three months upon graduating.

Kees is responsible for the content of the different curriculums that all the programmes under the School of Business pertain to. In addition to this, he plays a big role in maintaining the quality education that these programmes and the people involved deliver and in turn ensures that the programmes are all accredited by the Netherlands Flanders Accreditation Organization (NVAO) and other reputable quality assurance organizations.  Over the past week, Kees visited Stenden University Bali to discuss the changes in the International Applied Business Administration programme and the positive implications it will have for our students who follow this programme.

Kees also hopes that the prospective students will be able to have an equally good experience during their studies at Stenden, by having  unique opportunities such as the ability to study one year in The Netherlands and doing the 1 year internship in a country of their choice. This in turn giving the students the necessary competences that they will need in the near future to kick off their careers.

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