A day with Jet Bussemaker

A day with the Minister of Education, Culture, and Science

Earlier this week Stenden University Bali’s General Manager, Mark de Jong and the Marketing coordinator, Linda Sibie met Jet Bussemaker the Minister of Education, Culture and Science to The Netherlands (home to our mother campus). It was a pleasure for them to have a chat with the minister regarding student mobility between Indonesia and The Netherlands as a whole. We look forward to what the future holds for our new cooperation with Neso Nuffic together with the other partner universities for the newly opened Erasmus Training Centre in Jakarta.

Stenden University Bali at Eramus Training Centre

The Erasmus Training Centre in Jakarta Indonesia has been opened based on an initiative by four universities from The Netherlands (Leiden, Stenden, VU Amsterdam, and Groningen) together with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and Nuffic Neso Indonesia. The center will support Indonesian students and academics to get access to Dutch higher education by offering courses in Dutch and English course. For Dutch nationals and other international participants that visit  Jakarta, the center offers courses in Bahasa Indonesia.

In addition to its focus on language and preparation courses, the Erasmus Training Centre will serve as a platform for the Dutch universities to offer training programs in Jakarta and beyond. This will be of great benefit to Indonesian professionals and organizations they work for. During the opening event, around 100 Indonesian alumni from Dutch higher education were present, as well as their employers to discuss the benefits of studying abroad and lifelong learning.

“I hope that the new Erasmus Training Centre can act as an enabler for more people-to-people contact between Indonesia and the Netherlands and to the further internationalization of both Indonesian and Dutch education. My congratulations to the participating Dutch universities and other initiating parties with this unique international cooperation” – Minister Bussemaker. 

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