3rd year in The Netherlands

Humans were not made to remain stagnant and stay in one place, if that was the case we would have roots instead of feet and with that being said we should travel and see more and as much of the world as possible. Fortunately enough for the Stenden University Bali students they have been given this lifetime opportunity to travel and study all at the same time. As required by the Dutch government that if one should attain a Dutch degree they should complete 60 Elective credits in The Netherlands which represents a full academic year. A number of students from Stenden University Bali, Stenden Qatar, and Stenden South Africa follow the 60 ECTS programme.

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As a way to accommodate all these students and to get them acquainted to the Stenden Leeuwarden campus and the student city as a whole it is  mandatory for all the 60 ECTS students to attend the study start week (orientation week). Although these students are usually in the 3rd year and are not particularly new to Stenden this is a way to bring the students from different campus sites and faculties together and to familiarize themselves with the way of life in Leeuwarden and The Netherlands. This orientation week is also inclusive of all the  students who were starting their first year from all the faculties such as International Hospitality Management, International Applied Business Administration, International Business and Management Studies, Travel and Leisure management, Media and Entertainment management and many others.

The orientation week is packed with so many fun-filled activities that help the bond and come together as a unit. Activities such as the Sports-day, Barbeque, Red Club Party, Introduction games, Lunch, City Tour, Into the Wild festival, Master-classes and many more.

As our 2nd year students are getting prepared to go to Leeuwarden for their 3rd year, it is probably a pressing matter to find the perfect accommodation for their stay in The Netherlands. There is a range of all different types of accommodation in Leeuwarden, such as  Student stay apartment building, typical dutch houses that can be found on a number of websites offering student accommodation for students studying in Leeuwarden. This is often helpful for all the newcomers in Leeuwarden. Majority of the student housing is conveniently located and is often up at most a 15 minute cycle away from the campus, the city and local supermarkets. Although cycling is a common way to go from one place to another in The Netherlands, there are also other modes of transport that you can use in Leeuwarden such as the bus or trains to travel to the other cities.

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The students will be on a Schengen visa that is arranged by the student relations office here at Stenden University Bali and this allows students to travel around in Europe to all the countries that pertain to the Schengen area (comprising of 26 European states). Oftentimes students have a chance to visit range of countries in their free time as part of their leisure activities for the one year that they live in The Netherlands. This also helps the students to get accustomed to Europe and different cultures that can be found in this region.

If you are interested to find out more about what happens during the 3rd year in The Netherlands keep an eye out for the new Study Abroad page that will soon be live. This  will give more insight on what the 3rd year in The Netherlands entails in terms of your studies, minor subjects, living costs and student life in The Netherlands.

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