Entrepreneurship in Action

A peek into the academic profiles of Stenden University Bali

Meet Victor Jeoffre , a French expat who holds a Masters  degree in Entrepreneurship and Political Science. Before pursuing a teaching career at Stenden University Bali, Victor has worked as a strategy consultant for 4 years – working amongst top ranked companies and start-up’s with particular focus top the European and South East Asian regions. In addition to this, Victor was a co-creator of Barcyclette, a concept store in Paris as well as a publishing company. Victor Jeofrre is an entrepreneur himself, alongside with this he possess expertise in business creation, management and entrepreneurship, project management, teaching and mentoring. These qualities will prove to be very useful in the newly developed minorthat Victor will be in charge of as of namely, Entrepreneurship in Action.

entrepreneurship in action

This minor has been deemed to be relevant especially for the International Business Administration students as despite being the tourist hub for Indonesia, Bali has also been well known and recognised as a creative hub. Entrepreneurs from all over the world have come to bali and experimented, strived to do things a bit differently. Instead of unwinding in the beautiful surroundings, entrepreneurs  are opting to plug into the island’s emerging start-up scene because of a thriving start-up ecosystem, low overheads and of course, the allure of beautiful surroundings.
With the rapid shift in remote working and entrepreneurial hubs popping up all over, Bali has quickly become a fascinating place for start-up’s, especially regarding online services and social causes.  During the course of this minor,  students entrepreneurially ‘create’ their own excursions, get the chance to come up with their own business concepts, by working with an organisation such as Hubud so that they may sun a business simulation.

Entrepreneurship in Action

This newly developed minor will be offered at Stenden University Bali from the second semester of this academic year onwards. The Entrepreneurship in Action minor will aid in providing the students with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge regarding the 5 core themes of entrepreneurial operations such as innovativeness, competitive assertiveness, proactivity, risk taking and autonomy. The classes taken during the course of this minor led by Victor Jeoffre will ensure that the students have extensive knowledge on the following criterias:

  • Attitudes, behaviours and personality traits that influence the success of an enterprise.
  • Getting funding and finance for a start-up.
  • The legal and financial processes necessary to start-up and run an enterprise.
  • Writing a business plan.
  • Commercial assertiveness useful when detecting windows of opportunity in a market environment.
  • Tools that allow enterprises to operate innovatively.
  • Business attitudes and personal branding for entrepreneurs.
  • Cultural sensitivity to operate in an Indonesian business context.


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