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Become an Entrepreneur with our International Business Administration Programme

Bali, well-known as the Paradise Island for tourists and surfers, is also an incredible creative hub for entrepreneurs from all over the world who experiment, do things a bit differently, step back from the business and work harder or smarter. Our International Business Administration programme is dedicated to those who want to be part of this new trend. “We are not only teaching skills, we try to developed a specific mindset” – Victor Jeoffre, module coordinator for the Entrepreneurship in Action minor offered here at Stenden University Bali.

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Act and think differently with the Entrepreneurship in Action minor

Instead of unwinding in the tropical paradise of Bali, entrepreneurs are opting to plug into the island’s emerging start-up scene because of a thriving start-up ecosystem, low overheads and, of course, the allure of the beautiful surroundings. With the rapid shift in remote working and entrepreneurial hubs popping up all over, Bali has quickly become a fascinating place for start-ups. For instance Avani, co-founded by one of our alumni Daniel Rosenqivst, is an eco-friendly company based in Bali, Indonesia that strives to integrate sustainable packaging throughout the island by creating innovative everyday products that are biodegradable. Go-jek, an Indonesian hyperlocal transport, logistics and payments startup founded in 2010, which aims to improve the welfare of workers in Indonesia’s vast informal sector. It is also the first startup of Indonesian origin to be classified as a Unicorn (a start up company valued at over $US 1 billion).

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How can we explain this success? Today, entrepreneurship is the new fashion. The dream of young people is no longer to have a career in a multinational company, but to be independent, to create their own path, and above all, to give meaning to their action. And this is exactly what we teach here at Stenden University Bali.

The Entrepreneurship in Action minor is one of the exciting modules that students of our International Business Administration programme can follow. Students of this major not only attend lectures and workshops but are also exposed to:

  • ‘practical learning’ which includes everything from problem-based learning to project work and work placements/paid internships.
  • Specific industry related case studies and lectures by industry experts.
  • Together with the inspirational talks at TEDx events or Start up events, students meet and get mentored by real entrepreneurs with incredible expertise and stories.

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Additionally, because becoming an entrepreneur is being challenged, Stenden University Bali organises an entrepreneurship contest, where by students have to create an entrepreneurial concept in teams within one day. By doing that, students naturally develop soft skills that employers are desperately looking for right now as they scout to find the next generation of successful leaders for their companies. So apply now for the September 2017 intake and let us help you embark on your entrepreneurial journey.

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